Driving growth,
Crossing cultures.

Silkdrive, the cross-cultural growth marketing agency.

We support our clients with cross-cultural insights and
international growth marketing across Europe and East-Asia.

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Silkdrive, the Cross-Cultural Marketing Agency


As a full service cross-cultural growth marketing agency we provide a variety of services, including cross-cultural training, to support our clients in the best possible way.

International Digital Marketing

Silkdrive provides international digital marketing services and specialises in creating connections that span continents and cultures.

Through targeted campaigns and data-driven strategies, we ensure your brand secures a prominent digital presence, engaging with consumers worldwide in meaningful ways.

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Cross-Cultural Insights

Our agency stands at the forefront of cross-cultural training, -marketing, -advertising and localisation, ensuring your brand resonates in every market.

Beyond mere translation, we delve into the cultural fabric of your target audiences, crafting strategies that elevate your global relevance and build deep, lasting connections.

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Growth Marketing

As a growth marketing agency focused on delivering measurable results, we employ data analytics and market research to fuel strategies that propel your business forward.

Let us guide your expansion with approaches that blend creativity with analytical precision, driving sustainable growth.

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We have worked with many different clients in a great variety of industries across Europe and East-Asia.


Our experience spans over 30 different Industries and we are always eager to learn more.


Silkdrive has worked for more than 50 clients all across Europe and East-Asia.


Petra VunderinkHead of Communications


Simran SinghHead of Growth

Cristian CrauwelsMarketing Specialist


We have three principles at the core of our business. This is how we deliver value to your business.


Connect with our network of experts and partners around the world, to establish your brand in any country with ease.


Adapt your product, go to market strategy and campaigns to be culturally relevant and enter new markets with success.


Grow by expanding beyond borders, improving return on investment and achieving sustainable business growth.

Our Story

Our name is inspired by the legendary Silk Road, a symbol of connectivity, cultural exchange and commerce.

Silkdrive aims to channel the spirit of the original Silk Road, transforming it into a digital force that drives sustainable growth,
across  Europe and East-Asia.

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