International agency for marketing and localisation across European and Asian markets.


What we do

The ancient silk road enabled trade and cultural exchange between Europe and Asia, today’s internet makes the connection between two continents even stronger and empowers companies to expand in a greater market.

Silkdrive serves as a bridge in the digital silk road by providing services that help companies to CONNECT with ease, ADAPT with success and GROW with increasing velocity in markets across Europe and Asia.

Our Philosophy

International Growth

Silkdrive believes good products & services should be accessible for any people in any place. And we strive to help companies to distribute those good products & services internationally with ease.

Respect for cultures

Silkdrive appreciate the diversity of cultures with much respectthat is why Silkdrive has developed “Culture Framework” to better adapt in different countries.  No matter which country we work in/with, we try our best to deliver the most localized and appropriate services.

Spirit of exploration

Silkdrive aims to continuously improve the quality & efficiency of services by keeping up with the fast-changing tech world. We always learn and master the newest channels and tools to provide the best up-to-date strategies to our clients.

Our principles


We are experts, partners, a network of cultures and support our clients to connect.


We respect cultural differences, and are always learning how to improve and adapt.


We work, study and improve, in short iterations towards the bigger goal and rapidly grow.

Our Team

Patric Sawada, Head of Growth, Silkdrive

"Growing your business requires the growth-mindset. At Silkdrive we achieve results by rapid experimentation and being data driven."

Patric Sawada
Head of Growth & Business Development


"Digital Marketing across Europe and Asia is not one-size fits all, that is why we developed the Culture Framework to localise campaigns"

Liyan Huang
Head of Digital Marketing

What Clients & Partners Say About Us


"[...] pro-active and delivering much more than expected [...] we made a lot of improvements during this 4 months."

Petra Vunderink
Head of Marketing Communications at EXACT


"[...] gave us very insightful directions to our business in Europe ,helped to overcome the cultrual barriers[...] ."

Cole Damond
CEO of AG Chengdu

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