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We provide various services in local markets to meet the demand of different clients.

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Europe to China

We support European companies to expand in the fast-growing Chinese market with our extensive knowledge of Chinese culture and marketing channels. 

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China to Europe

We support Chinese companies to succesfully enter European markets (EU/UK) with our deep understanding of cultural diversity and marketing channels. 

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Digital Marketing

We provide all the common digital marketing services and more, but differentiate by our  agile way of working and continuous optimisation of efficiency & effectiveness.

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Europe to China

Silkdrive offers various services to help European companies grow in China with optimized strategy.

Digital Marketing China

E-commerce China

Event Marketing China

China to Europe

Start-ups & Scale-ups in China who want to explore European markets? Silkdrive is your best bet in promoting your products & services with localized strategy.

China to Europe market penetration

Crowdfunding in Europe

Digital Marketing

Growth Marketing

We support start ups and scale ups through growth hacking / marketing


Localize digital marketing campaigns and assets to the native market.


Raise capital for your startup or scale-up by campaigning to your customers directly.


Sell your products through a webshop or platform like Amazon, Tmall or JD.

Visual Design

Design your ads or product manual with our specialized designers.

Search (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization to rank high in various search engines like Google, Baidu, Bing.

Ads (SEA)

Search Engine Advertising to get your ad on top of the search results in various search engines like Google, Baidu, Bing.

Social Ads

Advertising on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn (B2B), WeChat, etc.

Banner Ads

Advertising on various media outlets, websites and popular platforms, like Yahoo News, etc.

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International presence

Connect with our network of experts and partners around the world, to establish your brand in any country with ease.

Local reach

Adapt your product, go to market strategy and campaigns to be culturally relevant and enter new markets with success.

Global growth

Grow by expanding beyond borders, improving return on investment and achieving global growth.

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