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Chinese companies in the Consumer Robotics industry can grow faster and bigger in the EU

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Seize the opportunity before the competition does

Search trends and sales are increasing steadily, but marketshare is divided over more competitors every year. Depending on your marketing strategy this is a threat or an opportunity.

Now is the time to seize the opportunity and take an advantage over the competition by selling more in the EU.

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The EU market is complex

The EU countries have many different languages and big cultural differences. To grow you need to adapt your product and marketing to the local market. Companies that fail to grow often make the same mistakes:

► To enter new markets without market research and validation experiments increases chance of failure

► Using the same global marketing campaign for all countries and local markets is not effective because of cultural differences

► By translating only the website or product manual, without localising, you are not adapting to different customer buyer motives

Translation services or Marketing agencies are not a good fit.

Translation agencies do not know anything about digital marketing. And marketing agencies do not know enough about culture and localisation. Hiring both in local markets and trying to manage the project yourself is too complex.

► Translation agencies do not advise which marketing channels are best for local market and cannot execute marketing campaigns

► Digital marketing agencies from EU do not understand the Chinese language or culture and fail to translate and localise your marketing campaigns

► Managing multiple agencies to work together is expensive, time-consuming and inefficient.


Do you want to sell more robots in the EU?

Competition in Consumer Robotics is fierce. Selling in the EU market is a great opportunity to increase market share. With the right growth marketing agency and localisation of marketing campaigns, your company can take the lead and beat the competition.

✓ Native Chinese and European marketing experts

✓ Monthly contracts, cancel at any time

✓ Start now with a FREE strategy review

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Our Localisation & Growth service will sell more robots in EU markets.

Follow the 3 basic steps below to understand our way of working.



Define Go To Market Strategy

We combine local market data, the Cultural Adaptation Framework™ and real life experiments to define the best Go To Market Strategy.

"We already have market research data, why do we need this?"

Market research data is not actionable and does not inform you how to adapt your product and marketing to the local market. That is why we add a few steps to create the best Go To Market Strategy together.


Achieve Local Market Fit

We adapt product and marketing assets by managing translations and localisation. Then we setup and execute marketing for local channels.

"We are already selling our product in market A, why do we need to change plan for market B?"

Each country has a unique cultural profile that influences buyer motives and decisions. That is why you need to achieve Local Market Fit before launching.



Repeat Growth Marketing Cycle

To achieve rapid growth we keep improving existing marketing efforts in short cycles. And we test new marketing tactics to see what works best, before scaling up.

"Other agencies propose a big advertising campaign, what is the difference?"

Many agencies are not really focused on achieving growth for your company. They focus on generating awareness, but that does not equal sales. That is why Growth Marketing experts validate marketing tactics before scaling up.


This is why companies work with us

Founders, CXO's and Marketing Executives hire us to support their international expansion.

"[...] pro-active and delivering much more than expected [...] we made a lot of improvements during this 4 months."

"[...] added value making sure not only our ads, but also our website content was effective and accurate in different countries."


Petra Vunderink
Head of Marketing Communications at EXACT

These companies are already successful in multiple countries, will you join them?

Many companies are active in different countries around the world. They have succeeded in many local markets, will you join them?

✓ Native Chinese and European marketing experts

✓ Monthly contracts, cancel at any time

✓ Start now with a FREE strategy review

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