Successfully do business with Japanese

Cross-cultural training for marketing managers

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Cross-cultural training for doing business with or in Japan and Japanese companies

non-japanese managers at these companies participated in our training

Understanding culture is essential for success

Learn the deep cultural motivators of Japanese business people

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Business etiquette is not enough

If you studied Japanese business etiquette or a business language course, do you know enough?

Understanding Japanese business culture is hard, you probably still have a lot of questions...

► How do you negotiate when Japanese managers don't like to negotiate?

► How do you know what decision makers really feel, think and talk about in private?

► How do you earn the trust you need to do business or advance your career?

Deep cultural knowledge is essential

You may wonder why your career is not advancing, or why your business relationship is not improving?

Because you do not yet fully understand the deep cultural motivations of the Japanese...

► How do you express yourself to gain trust from Japanese managers or customers?

► How do you apply '報・連・相 (HōRenSō) and use it strategically as a foreigner?

► How do you adapt to Japanese business culture and know what really matters?


Sign up for our cross-cultural training, 2 hours for only €149,-*

* Limited time offer: 2 hours of training for only ¥19,399 or $178,- or €149,- excluding VAT.

It's a small investment with a big impact on your career and business relationships!


Speak cross-culturally

✓ Learn the deep cultural motivators, that make or break your business relationship

✓ Understand the strategies & subtleties needed for closing the distance

✓ Uncover their 'Honne'
本音 (real feelings and intentions)

✓ Use the concept of 'Hō-Ren-Sō' 報連相 strategically as a foreigner


How to Win Recognition

✓ Learn the truth about "recognition" when you want to take up bigger responsibilities

✓ Master the strategic, step-by-step actions that win their trust

✓ Know which smart questions to ask to get their attention

✓ Use the concept of  'Sōdan' 相談 strategically as a foreigner


Successful Negotiation

✓ Learn the principles & skills of negotiating with Japanese who hate negotiation!

✓ Detect hidden pitfalls and navigate the subtle give & take

✓ Learn how your authenticity and pure motives are being tested

✓ Use the concept of 
BaMaWa 場間和 strategically as a foreigner

Full refund policy: If you are not happy after the online course, we will give you a full refund.

✓ English and Japanese phrases for immediate use after the training 

✓ Japanese language skill is NOT required

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About the trainer 

Tak Kawatani 河谷隆司 is a highly experienced 
cross-cultural management consultant and president of the Diversity Management Institute Inc. (Japan)

People at these companies have already been trained. Will you join them?

This is what our alumni say

Sales manager, Singapore

"Thanks to this Principles of Negotiating With Japanese, I can now do business with them knowing where to push gently and where not. I have realised the areas of change in my current negotiation style. I am excited to use them in my next meeting with them."

Production control, Malaysia

"Thanks to this program, I have been able to understand, for the first time, what my Japanese president was thinking. Before the program, we had all kinds of misperceptions about each other that were hard to untie. I hope Mr. Kawatani will continue to serve as a bridge between us and top management. Thank you very much."

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