Crowdfunding your projects in Europe

Startups and scaleups looking for growth in Europe can use crowdfunding plaftforms for funding and marketing

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What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a method to raise capital through online communities from platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. This approach taps into the collective efforts of a large pool of netizens and leverages their networks for greater reach and exposure.

Why CrowdFunding?

Reach - By presenting ideas on crowdfunding platforms, companies have access to thousands of investors who can see, take part in, and share your fundraising campaign.

Showcase - By creating a crowdfunding  campaign, companies' products are not only promoted by the company themselves, but also the platforms and other media outlets. This gives companies an advantage by attracting more traffic to their website and other landing pages.

Validate - Presenting the product to the netizens will be an excellent opportunity to validate and refine the concepts. Crowdfunding platforms provide first-hand feedback for companies to further improve the product.


360 Degree Crowdfunding Strategy

Silkdrive helps companies to  set-up and optimize crowdfunding campaigns from zero to success

Phase 1

Strategy Formulation

Good strategy provides companies a road-map to success and edge over competitors. Silkdrive helps clients to have a more clear overview before investing in crowdfunding.

► Product evaluation

SWOT & competitor analysis, localisation analysis

► Audience targeting

Create potential customer personas

► Channel defining

Define which channels to approach potential customers

► Crowdfunding goal evaluation

Setting feasible goals based on data collected

Account set-up

Set-up Kickstarter account in Europe*

Content creation

From design to production, full-range localised visual & copy.

PR warm up

Attracting media and influencers to make first buzz.

Phase 2

Pre-launch  preparation

Before launching, various elements need to be in place to ensure an effective campaign. Silkdrive can take part in creating promotional content and targeted distribution.

Phase 3

Launch & manage

During the campaign, Silkdrive drives traffic from different channels to crowdfunding pages and optimizes campaigns for better conversion.

► Online Advertising

Multi-platform advertising to boost traffic

► Social Media Management

Convert traffic to social media and increase engagement with netizens.

► Backer Management

Tracking backer feedback & create report

► Conversion Analysing

Analysing the conversion road-map

► Engage Optimisation

Further engage with existing backers and retarget potential backers

► Content Optimisation

Optimise the existing content based on data collected

► Traffic Redirecting

Redirect the traffic from crowdfunding platforms to companies' own website.

► Website Optimisation

Optimise & localise companies' website for international expansion

► Retail Channel Marketing

Helps companies build retail channels in major European markets

Phase 4

Postfunding Management

A successful crowdfunding campaign is just a beginning. Silkdrive helps companies to expand in multiple directions even further.


Kickstarter and Indiegogo have a different set of requirements and audience. Contact us for a free crowdfunding assessment.
Free Assessment

Both platforms have restrictions for locations to start a campaign, for details please refer to Kickstarter, Indiegogo. Silkdrive helps companies to start campaigns from the Netherlands.

Kickstarter: the funds will be transferred directly to your account after 14 days if the campaign is successful. If not, the raised funds will be sent back to backers.

Indiegogo:  there are 2 types of funding structure : Fixed and Flexible funding.

For Fixed funding, you will receive the funds in 15 business days only if your campaign is successful.

For Flexible funding, you will receive the funds in 15 business days regardless the results.

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