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How to get your company on top of Google, Yahoo or Baidu search results?

By making international SEO part of your growth marketing strategy, you will attract more visitors to your website, increase awareness, leads or customers, leading to revenue growth.

Work with us and successfully grow with international SEO.

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Improve and protect your search engine visibility

International SEO improves and protects your online presence, as the economy becomes more global and even local companies are competing with global players now. 

► Your company needs a digital strategy that can withstand changes in the market. 

► The competition for products or services to appear at top ranking positions in search engines is fierce.

► Make sure your company reaches the target audience in the local market when they search.

Local, regional, multilingual or international SEO?

We offer SEO for local, international and global brands by optimising websites, assets and content for search in the local, regional, international or global market. 

► Even in a local markets multilingual websites are  now common, most local agencies do not have multilingual experts.

► Depending on the market the preferred search engine may not be Google, but Baidu, Sogou, Yahoo!, Yandex, Naver or Bing.

► Our approach is data-driven, focused on growth and localisation to target the right audience.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an important and fundamental part of your strategy. Without a good website, you won't get high rankings from search engines like Google, Bing or Baidu. We analyse your website and tell you what changes to make that will work better for search engines and user experience alike.

Keyword research

Keyword research and determining the appropriate keywords is important in SEO since this affects your site’s visibility on search engines. Choosing the right keywords, phrases and topics is a major factor of how much traffic SEO can generate for you, as well as to identify what opportunities competitors may have missed.

Competitor Analysis

SEO is a game you want to win, and your company is up against many competitors. Any website that uses the same keywords may win the better ranking position. To understand their strengths and weaknesses and how to adjust your strategy will give you the competitive edge you need to get on top of Google, Bing or Baidu.

On-page optimisation

On-page optimisation for a new or existing website is based on numerous factors that are important to improving ranking performance. Keywords are still essential, but it's more about relevancy and user experience as algorithms become more advanced. Knowing how and where to strategically place keywords, use semantics or technical instructions for search engines is what makes a good web page.


After optimising keywords, creating engaging copy and implementing on-page technicals, SEO companies also measure website authority or the number of quality inbound links when deciding how well a particular client ranks against other competing websites.

Copywriting and content

Copywriting for SEO requires expertise as well as experience what works and what doesn't. Good copy will engage or convert, and for SEO it needs to combine creative with technical skils.

Our Localisation & Growth service will make you successful in EU markets.

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SEO is the process of improving your website's visibility in search engines. This can be done through a number of methods, such as linkbuilding and keyword research. SEO is an ongoing process and will require constant attention to keep up with changes in Google's or other search engine's algorithms.
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Google's sophisticated search engine algorithms take into account over 200 different ranking factors. But it is not the algorithm we are up against, it's competing websites on the same topics and keywords of which there are many. With the right combination of technical improvements, content optimisation and authority buildup any company can surpass it's competitors and 'get on top of Google'.
Baidu is the most popular search engine in China, Sogou is second. To do search engine optimisation for Baidu, you need to know the technical requirements and specifics of the search engine algorithm. For example, consider if you need to register your domain in China, translate your content into Chinese, host your website in mainland China or if not, how to make sure website performance is not impacted by the Great Fire Wall?

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"[...] pro-active and delivering much more than expected [...] we made a lot of improvements during this 4 months."

Petra Vunderink
Head of Marketing Communications at EXACT

"[...] added value making sure not only our ads, but also our website content was effective and accurate in different countries."

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